World Environment Da


Football Coaching Pr


6th Annual General M

Hotel Seto Gurans

Career Counseling Pr

Mount Kailash School

Sir Edmond Hillary M

Khumjung, Nepal

Fifth Annual General

Hotel Seto Gunras,Ka

Closing Ceremony of

Himalayan Climate In

College Counseling P

H.C.I Kathmandu

Career Counseling Pr

Khumjung High School

Career Counseling Pr

MahendraJyoti School

KSAA Executive Board

Indreni Food Land (C


Indreni Food Land (C

4th Annual General M

Hotel Seto Gurans, L

Mountain, Mountain P

Hotel Seto Gurans, B

Annual General Meeti

To be determined.

EC Meeting

KSAA Office, Sital M

KSAA Third (3rd) Ann

SR Catering (Gopi Kr

KSAA & MJEF meeting

Indreni Cafe Meeting

Mt. Everest Diamond

Khumjung, Solukhumbu

KSAA Chang-thung

Hotel Seto Gurans, B

2nd Annual Conventio

Celebration Event He

Annual General Meeti

Celebration Events H

Teacher's Can Make a

Library Hall, Namche

KSAA Annual Genral M


Website meeting

KSAA Office

Local Language

KSAA Office

SKPM Scholarsip

Hotel Tibet Internat

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Published On: 29-Jan-2017   |   Written By: KSAA

Download Newsletter 2017

Download Newsletter  Published Date : 1st Jan...  Read More

Published On: 21-Jan-2017   |   Written By: KSAA

KSAA 6th AGM at 29th Jan 2016

Invitation for the 6th Annual General Meeting of Khumjung School Alumni Association Invitation is hereby given to all...  Read More

Published On: 18-Oct-2016   |   Written By: KSAA

WWF Nepal Memorial Scholarships (Environment Subject)

Click the link for detail...  Read More

Published On: 14-Oct-2016   |   Written By:

E-resources about Sustainable Development Goal

17 Goals to Transform Our World 2016 presents an unprecedented opportunity to bring the countries and citizens of...  Read More

Published On: 11-Sep-2016   |   Written By: KSAA

Knowledgeable video about sustainable global goals

Published on May 12, 2009  We are living in exceptional times. Scientists tell us that we have 10 years to change...  Read More

Published On: 10-Sep-2016   |   Written By: KSAA

K.S.A.A Program Report of Year 2016 (2072/73 B.S)

  Please click the link to get access with K.S.A.A Program Report of Year 2016. KSAA 2016 program report...  Read More

Published On: 09-Sep-2016   |   Written By: KSAA

KSS Teacher Honor Program

After 365 days of hard work by teachers results students to get new level. And the processes never end. We KSAA board...  Read More

Published On: 09-Sep-2016   |   Written By: KSAA

Calendar Publication

  KSAA published and distribute calendar of year 2016 to all advisory committee, life members, general...  Read More

Published On: 09-Sep-2016   |   Written By: KSAA

Sport Training in Kathmandu and Khumbu

  Support for sport training in Khumbu In Khumjung School, 45 days long football coaching program was held at...  Read More

Published On: 09-Sep-2016   |   Written By: KSAA

Sir Edmund Hillary Memorial U-16 Cup (2016)

  In the memory of Sir Edmund Hillary, Khumjung School Alumni Association (KSAA) and Khumjung Secondary School...  Read More

Published On: 09-Sep-2016   |   Written By: KSAA

Workshop on career counseling

   Background and Contributor  The Career Counseling Program is an annual joint event lead...  Read More

Published On: 09-Sep-2016   |   Written By: KSAA

World Environment Day Celebration 2016

  Background: In 2011 the occasion of 50th Anniversary of Khumjung Secondary School,Khumjung School's...  Read More

Published On: 28-Dec-2015   |   Written By: KSAA

Fifth AGM notice and report after completion of Fifth AGM.

खुम्जुंङ स्कुल एल्मुनाई एस्सोसियसनका...  Read More

Published On: 21-Dec-2015   |   Written By: KSAA

Life members invitation

Respected Life members of K.S.A.A  Most of our life members are at abroad so we are trying to send AGM...  Read More

Published On: 20-Dec-2015   |   Written By: KSAA

Notice of Fifth Annual General Meeting of KSAA

Dear, Members Notice is hereby given to all members that the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of Khumjung School Alumni...  Read More

Published On: 23-Jun-2015   |   Written By: KSAA

Career Counseling Program

CCP 2015 Report :drive.google.com/file/d/0B6Vkr31JK_38SE9xSWZoWjdYUHc/view Date and venue June 28th and June...  Read More

Published On: 03-May-2015   |   Written By: KSAA

Khumbu Earthquake Relief #Khumbuearthquakerelief

Khumbu Earthquake...  Read More

Published On: 18-Apr-2015   |   Written By: KSAA

Notice ! Notice !! Notice !!!

खुम्जुङ स्कूल एल्मुनी एस्सोसिएसनका...  Read More

Published On: 12-Mar-2015   |   Written By: KSAA


KSAA would like to congratulate Mr Shekhar Karki of Kedar Mavi Necha receiving the Shyam Krishna Pradhan Memorial award...  Read More

Published On: 11-Mar-2015   |   Written By: KSAA

News letter by President

Respected all Life members , General Members & all Ex student of Khumjung school Tashi Deleg ...  Read More

Published On: 25-Jan-2015   |   Written By: KSAA

Message from the outdoing President Dr. Lhakpa Sherpa

 22 January 2015   Dear KSAA members and friends, Tashi deleg! I am pleased to inform you that the...  Read More

Published On: 18-Jan-2015   |   Written By: KSAA


 एकसाथ जुटौं   अन्तर-सांस्कृतिक सम्बन्ध र...  Read More

Published On: 17-Jan-2015   |   Written By: KSAA

Workshop and 4th AGM Schedule

Khumjung School Alumni Association (KSAA) 4th Annual General Meeting 21st January 2015   Hotel Seto Gurans,...  Read More

Published On: 03-Jan-2015   |   Written By: KSAA

Shyam K. Pradhan Memorial Scholarship Distributed (1999-2014)

     Students receiving the Shyam Krishna Pradhan Memorial...  Read More

Published On: 07-Aug-2014   |   Written By: KSAA

KSAA Sub-Committee Members Appointed

 KSAA Executive Committee formed three sub-committees and an Advisory Committee and appointed following...  Read More

Published On: 11-Aug-2013   |   Written By: KSAA

Thank you for the successful Mt. Everest Diamond Jubilee Event

 KSAA Executive Committee reviewed the results of the Mt. Everest Diamond Jubilee Celebration Program held in...  Read More

Published On: 03-Aug-2013   |   Written By: KSAA

Scholarship Announcement

Mingma Norbu Sherpa Memorial Scholarship 2014‐2015 Mingma Norbu Sherpa Memorial Scholarships (MNSMS) are available...  Read More

Published On: 23-May-2013   |   Written By: KSAA

Mt. Everest Diamond Jubilee Celebration

Khumjung, Solukhumbu, Nepal 26-27 May 2013 26th May (Sunday): Diamond Jubilee Conference Inauguration Session...  Read More

Published On: 15-May-2013   |   Written By: KSAA

Mt. Everest Diamond Jubilee Official Program in Khumbu.

PROGRAM SUMMARY   _________________________________ Sagarmatha Diamond Jubilee Conference Sunday 26th May...  Read More

Published On: 04-Apr-2013   |   Written By: KSAA

Revitalizing Sherpa Folk Songs and Dances

 - Lhakpa Norbu Sherpa, KSAA President Sherpa communities have a rich tradition of folk songs and dances. They...  Read More

Published On: 28-Feb-2013   |   Written By: KSAA

TOP 10 Songs of Khumbu

1. phu yi jomo lang ma. dung la tra gyen gewo. khang pa sampi dung ma. ka  zhu rampi ku trin. thing sang nawa...  Read More

Published On: 18-Jan-2013   |   Written By: KSAA

President's A Post Convention Note

 I am pleased that the 2nd Convention of the Khumjung School Alumni Association was very successful. Venerable...  Read More

Published On: 18-Jan-2013   |   Written By: KSAA

Current KSAA Life Member's List

 List of KSAA Life Members: 1.     Ang Tshering Sherpa, Khumjung (Asian Trekking) ...  Read More

Published On: 10-Jan-2013   |   Written By: KSAA

Final Schedule

 Khumjung School Alumni Association (KSAA) 2nd ANNUAL CONVENTION 12th January 2013 Celebration Events Height,...  Read More

Published On: 10-Jan-2013   |   Written By: KSAA

Guests, Life Members and Award Recipient Attending KSAA Event

 Guests Attending the KSAA Event  Ven. Ngawang Tenzin Zhangbu Rinpoche, Guest of Honor Mr....  Read More

Published On: 08-Jan-2013   |   Written By: KSAA

Draft Program: KSAA Convention

 Khumjung School Alumni Association (KSAA) 2nd ANNUAL CONVENTION 12th January 2013 Celebration Events Height,...  Read More

Published On: 04-Jan-2013   |   Written By: KSAA

KSAA Convention Fee Schedule

Dear participants, KSAA relies on kind support of its members. Just wanted pre-inform you of the following fees...  Read More

Published On: 04-Jan-2013   |   Written By: KSAA

Mountain Spirit's e-newsletter

 Many members of KSAA are also part of Mountain Spirit, a local NGO that works for the benefit of mountain...  Read More

Published On: 04-Jan-2013   |   Written By: KSAA

Sherpa children learn language and culture from commands

 Sara Ciesielsky, a Ph.D. student from the University of Melbourne, has conducted a very interesting study on how...  Read More

Published On: 21-Dec-2012   |   Written By: KSAA

Khumbu Teacher's Workshop Concluded

 शिक्षकले चाहेमा गर्न सक्छ भन्ने मुल...  Read More

Published On: 10-Dec-2012   |   Written By: KSAA

Khumbu teachers commit to "make a difference"

Evaluating and identifying good teachers, supporting mother tongue education, and improving guardian participation in...  Read More

Published On: 13-Sep-2012   |   Written By: KSAA

Need Your Support!

 All KSAA members and friends: During KSAA consultations we discovered that our members' highest priority was...  Read More

Published On: 22-Jul-2012   |   Written By: KSAA

More Life Members join the KSAA

Three well known former students of Khumjung School have officially joined our list of honoured Life Members. Mr. Apa...  Read More

Published On: 14-Mar-2012   |   Written By:

Sign up for your website access

All former students of Khumjung School are eligible for KSAA membership. General member fee is Rs11,000 for the first...  Read More

Published On: 18-Feb-2012   |   Written By:

Changes in KSAA Executive Committee

 Mr. Dawa Phinjo Sherpa of Namche have been appointed as the Treasurer of KSAA since  May 2011. Since, it has...  Read More

Published On: 14-Feb-2012   |   Written By: KSAA

About Sherpa Clan Name

 Sherpa is a group of people sharing a common language, culture, and place of origin. Within this greater group,...  Read More

Published On: 02-Feb-2012   |   Written By:

Cock fighting at school

   In 1996, while I was in Grade 9 at Khumjung School, I broke my leg while playing cockfight with friends...  Read More

Published On: 06-Dec-2011   |   Written By: KSAA

Become a Honored Life Member and Support Your Organization!

Dear Former Students of Khumjung School, Tashi deleg!  I am pleased to inform you that the Khaumjung School Alumni...  Read More


World Environment Day - 2017 (Khumjung)

Venue : Khumjung Program Partners : Khumjung School Program Supporter : The Greater Himalayas Foundation Program...  Details

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